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The Beauty of dance is an inspiration to everyone. The health benefits of dance are well known.

Giacomo Agrello

Giacomo Agrello

Born in Gallarate, Italy, Giacomo started dancing in 1987 to “meet girls and please his mom.” A good move as he ultimately met his now-bride, Debra, through ballroom dancing.
Working from a beginner, through the ranks of amateur, into the levels of professional and pro-am categories, Giacomo’s international career spans all levels of Ballroom Dance with successful results across the board. To name a few:

» Multiple pro-am champion titles across all age divisions
» Multiple-time professional winner and finalist in open and Rising Star events across the U.S.
» Amateur Italian national champion

Giacomo has made it a priority throughout his career and into the present to maintain the highest level of training for himself. Seeking out coaching from the most sought after and knowledgeable coaches in the world of ballroom dancing including: Peter Eggleton, Brian and Susan Puttock, Bill and Bobbi Irvine, Brian and Christie McDonald, Igor Suvorov, Giampiero Giannico and Andrew Sinkinson to name a few.

A true technician and competitor, Giacomo stresses the importance of continued training and education - both with his students and himself.
Currently a pro-am instructor, competitor and adjudicator, Giacomo continues to be a ’student of his own profession’.
The results? Ongoing success in the pro-am competitive arena with those students excited to excel!

Debra Agrello

Debra Agrello

The conviction of pursuing your passion and ever-evolving to be the best you can be is at the core of Debra’s beliefs.

Growing up as a competitive gymnast gave Debra early exposure to the very distinct and demanding needs of the athlete - physically, emotionally and nutritionally. The technical training in any sport is very, very important but - it is only one piece of the puzzle if you want to excel.

As a pro-am ballroom dance competitor, the mother of 7 and a health, nutrition and fitness professional of 18 years, Debra practices her convictions through all aspects of her life.

Partnering with husband Giacomo, Debra brings her credentials and demonstrated expertise to dance and fitness training. An active member of The American College of Sports Medicine (the Gold Standard for fitness professionals in the United States)

Debra keeps herself educated and informed of all the current trends in sports medicine and exercise science. “The American College of Sports Medicine advances and integrates scientific research to provide educational and practical applications of exercise science and sports medicine.”

Credentials also include:

» CPR/AED Certified for the Professional Rescuer
» Owner of Flex Appeal Fitness (est. 1991)
» 2008 Tour de Summerlin 85 mile bike - Las Vegas
» 2006 Silverman – Nevada full distance Ironman
» 2002 San Diego Marathon
» 2002 Las Vegas Half Marathon
» 2002 Horsetooth Colorado Half Marathon
» Montecito Fire Department - Fitness Assessment/Program Director
» Grace Christian Elementary School - Physical Education Teacher
» YMCA - Y’s World of Sports - Triathlon/Duathlon & Mountain Bike Hill Climb Race Director/Event Organizer

A strong believer in physical, mental and nutritional conditioning, Debra educates her clients in these disciplines. Her methods of hands-on, individual, education result in students excelling both in their dance endeavours and their overall lifestyle.

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